I am a Curriculaholic!

“My name is Carolyn and I have a problem.”  Curriculum!  I want it all!  I love curriculum.  I love the ideas, the information, the stories and the projects.  I can spend hours drowning in the pages of curriculum.   I struggle stopping and drawing the line on too much stuff.  Does anyne else suffer from the…

Menu Monday (Using the Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinnertime Cookbook)

I confess!  I enjoy watching The Pioneer Woman on Food Network and my mouth waters over many of her recipes.  I eat gluten free and have held off purchasing any cookbooks because many of them use gluten full items.   I love the recipes that I’ve tried and have decided if the recipe calls for anything with…

Menu Monday

Monday:  Chicken and Rice Casserole Tuesday:  Swiss Steak Wednesday:  Caesar Chicken Thursday:  Smoky Boneless Ribs Friday:  Meatloaf, Potatoes, Peas Saturday:  Oriental Sesame Chicken Sunday:  Cranberry Chuck Roast

Menu Monday

Monday: Orange Stirfry, Cauli rice Tuesday: Crockpot Boneless Ribs, cole slaw, baked beans Wednesday: Grilled Caesar Chicken, Grilled Summer Squash Thursday: Oriental Sesame Chicken, rice Friday: Crab and Portabello Stuffed Chicken Saturday: Pork and Cranberry Curry, rice Sunday: Swiss Steak, Zucchini noodles

Menu Monday

Monday:  Spanish Flank Steak,  Honey Glazed Carrots, Iced Tea Tuesday:  Chicken Elegance (I use gluten free versions of the soup and stuffing mix), Beets, Greens and Bacon (from Everyday Paleo Cookbook), Iced Tea Wednesday:  Orange Marmalade Pork Chops (I substitute Coco Aminos for Soy Sauce), Cauli Rice, Salad, Iced Tea Thursday:  Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers, Roasted Sweet…